Tracy Perrault propriétaire

Tracy Perrault

Sweets Designer / Owner

Baiser velouté is a cupcake company from Quebec and is based in Laval. This enterprise is the result of many years of hard work and dedication by a young woman that once had vision: Tracy Perrault. While studying in a completely different field in university, urbanism, she was passionate by the concept of creation and also being really close to her clients. Therefore, she was able to keep Baiser velouté going by also working on the success of her company as a part-time job. It’s because of her courage, tenacity, determination, and her audacity that her desert company is as successful as it is now. After obtaining her degree in urbanism, Tracy got a very good job as an Agent of Development and Communication Officer. However, she resigned from her position in September 2014 to be able to focus more on her enterprise, Baiser velouté. A few months later, she obtained a certificate in business start-up. Since January 2015, Tracy has now 2 employees and is dedicated full time in her enterprise. Her main goal is to answer the high level of demand from her clientele. Meanwhile, Baiser velouté is getting bigger and bigger. Tracy never once regretted her change of career! Since then, the creation of deserts is now a part of her life and she is proud to offer you a taste of softness with every bite you take with Baiser Velouté!

Very delicious and so good. I will be back for my next event!

– Any


aiser Velouté is a desert company that contributes to the success of your events by creating a memorable moment for your eyes, but also for your mouth.

We deliver you from the unnecessary stress by helping you in the organization of your event, in which the quality of our amazing deserts will be the main success. Our delicious deserts are freshly prepared everyday and contain no preservatives. We also offer your order to be delivered at your door in the Greater Montreal area. Let yourself be tempted and offer yourself a taste of softness with every bite you take with Baiser Velouté!

Tracy is part of the RECRUES of Laval.


The Baiser Velouté products were featured in the Elegant Wedding Magazine.


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